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Globes, cigarette cases, miniatures .....

Posted on 28th May 2019

There will be a host of beautiful, unusual, eccentric and very collectable objects on offer at the Fair this year.

Rick Gekoski (Q01) has a Cigarette Case (Garrard & Co Ltd) engraved in a facsimile of Graham Green's handwriting given by the author as a gift to his accountant, J M Rubens, who saved Greene from financial ruin.

York Modern Books (C11) has a miniature oval half length self portrait of Maud Sutton Pickhard (1880-1961) housed in a specially made folding box. Maud Sutton Pickhard nee Fortescue was the child of US Congressman Robert Barnwell Roosevelt, Sr (brother of Theodore Roosevelt, Sr, the uncle of President Theodore Roosevelt and the great-uncle of Eleanor Roosevelt). You can read more about this fascinating family story here.

Netherlands-based Antiquariaat de Roo (R02) will be bringing a rare pocket globe after Moll. With a diameter of just 7cm could be one of the smallest items we’ll see. It consists of 12 hand-coloured engraved gores and 2 polar caps, the top and bottom of the case each lined with 12 hand-coloured engraved half gores and a polar cap depicting the celestial hemisphere. The design after Moll's 1710 pocket globe is updated with the latest discoveries such as California depicted correctly as a peninsula and Cook's discoveries made visual in the adaptation of Australia and New Zealand, though the tracks of Cook's first voyage is incorrectly marked 1760 instead of 1770. The globe was formerly attributed to maker George Adams, London 1773, but its actual maker remains anonymous.

Antiquariaat de Roo’s stand will also feature an early 20th century writing box lined with marble paper and containing envelopes, two advertisement cards, two glass ink bottles, one blotter, a miniature terrestrial globe and a letter scale.