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The Nature of Gothic. A Chapter of the...

DSC06985 kopie

Benjamin Franklin

unknown original watercolour portrait of Benjamin Franklin

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Binchun 斌椿

Pin-ch’un Mission of 1866 - the first Chinese...

Andrews Geraniums 3

ANDREWS, Henry Charles (fl. 1799-1828)


Badger Floral Belles 1

BADGER, Clarissa Munger Mrs (1806 - 89)

Floral Belles

Dillenius Hortus Elthamensis

DILLENIUS, Johannes Jacobus (1684-1747)

Horti Elthamensis

Acosta Historie 1604

ACOSTA, Jose de S.J. (1540-1600)

The Naturall and Morall Historie...

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Gibbs, Joseph.

"Epitaphs In Westmister Abbey. With Translations Of The...

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[ William Cobbett ? ]

Early Cobbett.

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Johannes Kepler, German astronomer, mathematician, and physicist (1571-1630).


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Costume drawings.

Costume drawings

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Friedrich Engels.